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For many years, Garuti Srl has offered its highly professional services at three sites in Bologna.
With the strength of experience of its founder, Simone Garuti, currently sole manager, the staff of Garuti Onoranze Funebri is able to handle bureaucratic formalities that arise on the death of a loved one. At these times of sorrow, we often do not have the time or the will to battle the bureaucracy of various offices and financial institutions.
Our staff is able to offer fast, efficient service in these matters with the greatest of professionalism. And in just a short time, you will have all the documents you need without losing time and effort. Garuti Onoranze Funebri also offers an exclusive and truly unique service.

Thanks to its collaboration with a Communications Agency, you may create an article memorializing your departed loved one. In fact, a professional journalist will be available to interview the family and friends of the deceased. This will provide a biography, as short or long as you wish, written with sensitivity and the greatest delicacy. The interview may then be published and distributed along with photos during the funeral or on other occasions for remembering the dear departed.
This exclusive journalistic service of Garuti Onoranze Funebri will truly be a unique opportunity to remember this beloved person beyond hearing words in a formal setting, trite expressions, or the banal and sterile obituaries often read in newspapers.

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  • › Cemetery Monuments - Stones - Marble

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